Empowering Education Leaders: The Continuous Leadership Improvement Cohort (CLIC) for Digital Transformation and Growth

The Continuous Leadership Improvement Cohort (CLIC) is a comprehensive program designed to empower school districts in their digital transformation and alignment strategies.

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CLIC Objectives

Led, facilitated, and consulted by the experienced members of the K-12 Strategic Technology Advisory Group team, this three-year commitment aims to foster continuous improvement, enhance leadership capabilities, and drive positive change within participating districts. The program includes an in-depth IT department review, strategic roadmap development, ongoing coaching and mentoring, and collaborative learning opportunities.

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Drive Digital Transformation

Support participating school districts in their journey towards digital transformation by identifying strengths, prioritizing areas of focus, and developing strategies for improvement.

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Enhance Leadership Capabilities

Empower senior members of the Technology department leadership team with the necessary skills, knowledge, and resources to effectively lead and manage digital initiatives.

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Foster Collaboration and Learning

Create a community of learning and collaboration among cohort members, enabling the sharing of best practices, challenges, and solutions for mutual growth and support.

Program Components

1. K12 IT Maturity Review

Each Cohort district will have a comprehensive review of their district and participate in two IT reviews of other cohort districts, using a K12 IT framework that includes three core dimensions (Executive Leadership, Organizational Environment, Managing Resources & Operations) and ten domains encompassing over 40 capability blocks. The review will provide insights into the current state of IT maturity for the district, with context and interpretation provided for each capability.

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2. Core Values, Vision, and Mission Foundation

Work collaboratively with each cohort member district to empower their department core values, vision, and mission, aligning them with the district's digital transformation objectives and aspirations, and build a solid foundation for their Continuous Improvement Strategic Roadmap.

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3. Continuous Improvement Strategic Roadmap (CISR)

Develop a three-year strategic roadmap for each cohort member district derived from the insights gained through the IT department review. The roadmap will outline key focus areas, goals, and milestones to guide the district's continuous improvement journey.

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4. Ongoing Coaching and Monitoring

Engage in regular one-on-one calls with K-12 STAG for individual progress monitoring, coaching, advising, and reviewing the implementation of the strategic roadmap.

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5. Collaborative Learning Strategic Networking

Participate in monthly leadership group calls with cohort members to share challenges and solutions, provide high-level progress updates, leverage insights from other CILC leaders, and receive group coaching and mentoring.

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6. Cohort IT Review & Improvement Program

Each cohort member district will participate in two onsite department reviews of other cohort districts, developing skills in conducting a comprehensive assessment of IT leadership and services, fostering cross-learning opportunities, gaining valuable insights and developing an aligned response for improvement.

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7. Final Review and Celebration

Participate in two - 3rd year post reviews, using the previously established framework, to measure progress made by each cohort member district and assess efficacy of improvement activities throughout the program.

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